We offer garden maintenance services for front yard gardens, back yard gardens, balcony gardens, kitchen gardens, terrace gardens etc to customers based in Delhi NCR.

About Caring Yard

CaringYard is a startup company founded by IITians. We offer quality garden maintenance services and maintain incredibly beautiful gardens!

We offer highly acclaimed Professional gardening Services in the market. For Commercial & Residential gardening for any occasion, our services are rendered with highly professional way. We are endowed with a team of highly experienced horticulturists who are experienced enough to offer the best and viable suggestion for Flower Garden Maintenance.

Also Garden maintenance requires experience and expertise to understand the requirements of different type of plants and serve them what they need at right time. It has five major aspects : Watering – Weed control – Fertilization – Pest control and Trimming, imbalance of any of these severely impacts plants growth while balance helps to ever green, elegant and appealing plants growth.

We provide advice for the scientific methods of gardening with economical viable solution.we also provide lanndscape architect.We maintain Landscape gardens, Balcony gardens, Terrace gardens, Vertical gardens and green walls Outdoor decking, gazebos & privacy screens Hardscape Services.

A Step towards better We!

Service offering

Our standard gardening service includes

  • Watering

  • Pruning/trimming

  • Hoeing/Soil aeration

  • Indoor/Outdoor plant placement

  • Repotting

  • Weed removal

  • Gardening waste removal

  • Plant care recommendations

  • Plant Delivery

  • Caringyard has done very good job with my roof and balcony. My plants are healthy and looks beautiful and now I love to sit in my balcony every morning. Thankyou team for great work.

    Reena Verma


  • I requested gardener from Caringyard over phone. They immediately scheduled a service. The gardener was extremely knowledgable and took great care of my garden.

    Srijan Shrivastava


  • They accommodated my request on a short notice. The Gardener was very professional. I bought a few plants from them which they delivered pretty quickly. Will definitely be using them in future.

    Garima Mishra


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